Larkin Power Components, Inc.

Product/Services List

CAD Drawings, Consignment Inventory, Custom Design and Manufacturing, Diodes, Gate and Cathod Lead Modifications, GTOs, Heat Sink Design Manufacturing and Refurbishing, IGBTs, IGCTs, M3K Power Semiconductor Tester, Power Modules, Power Semiconductor Tester, Power Semiconductors, Rectifier Diodes, Reverse Engineering of Circuit Boards, SCRs, Semiconductor Test Equipment, Testing for Blocking Voltage, Testing for Leakage Current, Thyristors
Company Information
Larkin Power Components, Inc.
Office Information
PO Box 14667
Spokane Washington
United States
+1 509 891 5626 +1 509 891 5627
+1 800 317 5526
Paul Larkin
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