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InfoMine Subscription Options Monthly
CareerMine - Job Access   12.00      Not available
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Equipment & Suppliers   24.00      Not available
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(up to 4 users)
980.00   11,000.00  
EduMine Enrollment Options Monthly
EduMine Standard   47.00     495.00  
EduMine Institutional 42.50   445.50  
InfoMine/Edumine Package Options     Monthly
Careers Only + EduMine Standard   59.00     627.00  
News Plus + EduMine Standard   62.75     668.25  
Equipment & Suppliers + EduMine Standard   71.00     759.00  
Institutional + EduMine Institutional 79.00   847.00  
Standard + EduMine Standard   86.00     924.00  
Research - Advanced + EduMine Standard 147.00   1,595.00  
Research - Professional + EduMine Standard   377.00     4,125.00  
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